Funding Your Dreams Event in LA

Conchitas + Capital Event 2019

Alejandra Salgado

April 06, 2019

Los Angeles, CA

              Today, I attended the Conchitas + Capital Event. This event had three main components: brunch, networking, and learning! You can’t learn without a yummy brunch and of course a mimosa (or two) on the side. The focus of the event was to receive some tips on funding your dream, for example your dream car, dream house, dream trip or whichever commodity you desire. There was a panel of speakers who could be of great resource for loans, buying a home, lawyer advise and more. The speakers shared their expertise and some inspirational messages to stay grounded on who you are and what you want. Not only that, but you had the opportunity to talk and mingle with some women who own their own business or seeking to own their own business. I’m beyond proud to see all these Latin owned businesses. We are coming up and no one can stop us. It brings my heart warmth, joy and my eyes with a few happy tears. There were also a few men who joined the event. Shout out to the all the men supporting us Latinas!

The event was created and hosted by the great Eva Macias. Eva Macias, a financial advisor who has been helping Latinas on their finances. Now, of course she helps anyone who seeks help from her, but it is important to highlight the importance of how she has helped Latinas re-think their finances. In the Latin community, money can be a somewhat of a taboo subject. Eva, with her best-selling book, A Latino’s Guide to Money, has helped women from around the U.S.A, be mindful about spending habits and by doing so to create a financial plan to oversee finances. In doing so it will help set focus on how money is spent and how to spend it effectively to fund your goals.

I had a great time and met many wonderful women. I intent to collaboration with many of the women I spoke to and interview them as well for them to share their story and inspire anyone who needs some inspiration. Inspirations comes from unexpected place, its magical.

You can find more information on Eva Macias on

Eva Macias, author of A Latina’s Guide to Money
Chiquis and I at the Conchitas + Capital Event
Chiquis and I at the Conchitas + Capital Event

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