Motivation is like exercise

A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling guilty because I wasn’t working as hard compared to the week before. I felt unmotivated and was watching more television than necessary.

When that happens I have two choices. Drown myself in self-pity or recognize that I feel unmotivated and make some changes.

I went with choice number two and I took action. It sounds so easy but it wasn’t. I realized that I wasn’t feeling motivated. I felt bad because I thought, “If I’m not motivated, then what does that say about me, that I’m lazy?”

It was a horrible feelings but then I remembered something. I had read years a ago, a quote about motivation. The quote said something about, motivation is like brushing your teeth, you have to do everyday. You can’t expect motivation to just show up, you have to build it.

If you are the type of person who can wake-up motivated everyday – great for you! That doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us have to be reminded on why we are working towards a specific goal. Here are a few way to help motivate yourself when you’re feeling uninspired:

  1. Pray – Praying for what you want is one way of reminding yourself of why you want what you want. Also, take some action towards what you just prayed God for can help you feel extra aligned to what you’re working towards.
  2. Journal – If you don’t pray then journaling is your next option. Can you do both? Sure ,why not! Journaling your goals can help remind you about your why. It helps build perspective. It is said that, when you write down goals you are 42% more likely to work on them compared to if you don’t.
  3. Build a habit tracker – This idea was inspired by my friend and it’s simple. You find a template online or create your own, print it or draw it yourself, and use it to track your habits that you want to build. These habits should be aligned with the goal you are trying to accomplish. Click here for an example.
  4. Use a planner – Using a planner to write down a list of tasks, aligning your priorities or planning your day is great in keeping the motivation up. Writing down things you want to get done the night before puts you in a position of preparing. When you prepare you are more likely to do it because it is now in your mind.

These are just four of many ways to help build motivation. You have to do it everyday or at least a few days a week in order for it to become effective. Again, everyone is different and one way doesn’t fit all. It’s a constant reminder, a push to work at it and take action. Don’t underestimate yourself. You are far more capable than you believe.

Published by AlejandraSalgado

Hello! My name is Alejandra Salgado and I previously interned at CNBC, a worldwide leader in business news. I have experience in the maritime industry relating to import and export tracking and pricing, vessel management and ocean freight shipping. I began to develop my journalism skills about two years ago. I enjoy storytelling and that is the purpose of my blog. To be able to tell stories whether that is through writing, video making, or audio interview. Follow my blog to feed your curiosity and to learn how to improve different areas of your life through the lens of storytelling. Follow me on Instagram @alejandra.salgado.rtv.

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