Motivation is like exercise

A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling guilty because I wasn’t working as hard compared to the week before. I felt unmotivated and was watching more television than necessary. When that happens I have two choices. Drown myself in self-pity or recognize that I feel unmotivated and make some changes. I went with choiceContinue reading “Motivation is like exercise”

The Power of Journaling

I have been journaling since I was in elementary school. It wasn’t until I was in the beginning of my professional career that I learned how valuable my journaling has been to my life. I recommend journaling to everyone because it can be therapeutic to write down your emotions and growth in all aspect ofContinue reading “The Power of Journaling”

Morning Routines: Do they matter and should you have one?

In a fast paced world it can be essential to build routines that help you refocus, plan and dedicate yourself some time to be in your own space. You wake-up, snooze the alarm, get dressed for work, eat breakfast and head out the door for work. You work your typical eight hours or more. Then,Continue reading “Morning Routines: Do they matter and should you have one?”