Motivation is like exercise

A few weeks ago, I found myself feeling guilty because I wasn’t working as hard compared to the week before. I felt unmotivated and was watching more television than necessary. When that happens I have two choices. Drown myself in self-pity or recognize that I feel unmotivated and make some changes. I went with choiceContinue reading “Motivation is like exercise”

Your brain is like a muscle, it grows

When you exercise and focus on working on a specific muscle it will grow with time. The same way we exercise our body we also can exercise our brain. Neuroplasticity is the ability for the brain to change. When the brain changes it enlarge or creates new neurons. In order for these changes to happenContinue reading “Your brain is like a muscle, it grows”

Three reasons why you should join #WAG Latina Network

#WAG stands for We All Grow Latina. #WAG Network is an online platform dedicated to empower Latina women from all backgrounds providing resources, community, workshops, and opportunities for growth in business. Laura Flores is the founder and CEO of #WAG. She has built an incredible career with connecting, uniting and empowering Latina entrepreneurs. The workContinue reading “Three reasons why you should join #WAG Latina Network”

How to Help the Global Movement Against Racism and Inform People that Black Lives Matter

On May 25, George Floyd, a 46-year-old man was buying cigarettes in Minneapolis when a deli employee called the police, accusing Floyd of paying with a counterfeit $20 bill. 17 minutes after the call, Floyd had three police officers pinning him to the ground. Video surfacing on the internet and in the news shows oneContinue reading “How to Help the Global Movement Against Racism and Inform People that Black Lives Matter”

Morning Routines: Do they matter and should you have one?

In a fast paced world it can be essential to build routines that help you refocus, plan and dedicate yourself some time to be in your own space. You wake-up, snooze the alarm, get dressed for work, eat breakfast and head out the door for work. You work your typical eight hours or more. Then,Continue reading “Morning Routines: Do they matter and should you have one?”

Four Tips to Help Advance Your Side Hustle

Do you have a side hustle or a goal you want to accomplish? This guide can help. For a while I was working full-time in the maritime industry and going to school in the evenings and also doing an internship on the side. My side hustle was my education and developing a new craft. IContinue reading “Four Tips to Help Advance Your Side Hustle”

Vulnerability Time – Emotional Exhaustion

Late Post from June 13, 2019 I’m going through a time of my life where I’m feeling emotionally beaten. Emotionally beaten is a dramatic way of putting it, but I feel that is the way I’m feeling. I think there comes a point where trying to cover it up with positivity does not help. ThereContinue reading “Vulnerability Time – Emotional Exhaustion”

Is It Ever Too Late to be Who You Want to be?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the dreams I had when I was a child. When you’re a child, life is a care-free world, and you feel you could be and do anything your heart desires. As we get older, we realize what we always wanted to be isn’t the best fit or weContinue reading “Is It Ever Too Late to be Who You Want to be?”