Four Tips to Help Advance Your Side Hustle

Do you have a side hustle or a goal you want to accomplish? This guide can help. For a while I was working full-time in the maritime industry and going to school in the evenings and also doing an internship on the side. My side hustle was my education and developing a new craft. IContinue reading “Four Tips to Help Advance Your Side Hustle”

I Quit My Salary-Based Job and Now I’m an Intern

You read the title and might be thinking, “Oh poor thing, what happened?” I’ll tell you what happened. I’ve made a life-changing decision and I’m excited! I was a pricing analyst for one of the top ten ocean carriers in the world. I learned, grew, made a great amount of money for a 24-year oldContinue reading “I Quit My Salary-Based Job and Now I’m an Intern”

Vulnerability Time – Emotional Exhaustion

Late Post from June 13, 2019 I’m going through a time of my life where I’m feeling emotionally beaten. Emotionally beaten is a dramatic way of putting it, but I feel that is the way I’m feeling. I think there comes a point where trying to cover it up with positivity does not help. ThereContinue reading “Vulnerability Time – Emotional Exhaustion”

What I learned from Project Mindset by Keven Stirdivant aka Kevion

Write it down – There is magic in writing down your goal. Write it down in regards to the 7 areas of your life that you can make specific goals on. The 7 are: mindset, health, spiritual, social, family, business, and money. It can be written down in the format of what goal(s) you’d likeContinue reading “What I learned from Project Mindset by Keven Stirdivant aka Kevion”

The Miracle of Your Mind

The Miracle of Your Mind by Earl Nightingale The human mind is what separates us from other creatures. Every new idea compounds other new ideas. This has been proven by simply looking at the advanced world we live in, imagine the future. Generally, we have a lot of free time, imagine using an hour aContinue reading “The Miracle of Your Mind”

Earl Nightingale, The Dean of Personal Development

If you have not heard about Earl Nightingale, please set apart 10 minutes of your time, YouTube search him and listen to his content of your choice. My life has changed, ever since I learned about him. He is known as, The Dean of Personal Development. His content is all about personal development, changing yourContinue reading “Earl Nightingale, The Dean of Personal Development”

A Poem for My Fears

Limiting Beliefs The fear of not being good enough The fear of not making it The fear of failure The fear of ridicule The fear of not being appealing The fear of not sounding perfect The fear of vulnerability The fear of the opinions of others TODAY I RELEASE YOU You no longer have controlContinue reading “A Poem for My Fears”

Expect the Unexpected

By: Alejandra Salgado¬† ¬†December 01, 2017 @ 4:39PM Well, the expected unexpected occurred today. Not only is it Friday but it’s the first of December. I love first days of the months. The day feels like a new year. It’s a reminder of a new month to make better choices and another reminder of howContinue reading “Expect the Unexpected”

Is It Ever Too Late to be Who You Want to be?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the dreams I had when I was a child. When you’re a child, life is a care-free world, and you feel you could be and do anything your heart desires. As we get older, we realize what we always wanted to be isn’t the best fit or weContinue reading “Is It Ever Too Late to be Who You Want to be?”