Three reasons why you should join #WAG Latina Network

Photo Source: We All Grow Latina (#WAG)

#WAG stands for We All Grow Latina. #WAG Network is an online platform dedicated to empower Latina women from all backgrounds providing resources, community, workshops, and opportunities for growth in business.

Laura Flores is the founder and CEO of #WAG. She has built an incredible career with connecting, uniting and empowering Latina entrepreneurs. The work she is doing has been featured on ABC7, MSNBC, Forbes, and was featured as People in Español’s, “50 Most Influential People.”

Now, why should you join #WAG Latina Network? Well, not only is it an amazing community to be a part of but it’s worth your time to invest and learn. Read below the top three reasons to join.

Photo source: We All Grow Latina – (PRNewsFoto/Latina Bloggers Connect)

Three Reasons to Join #WAG Latina Network

  1. To feel seen Being a person of color, we constantly that there aren’t enough or any people in media, business spirituality, or almost any industry who we can relate to or resonate. There are many Latina women out there dominating in many industries we rarely hear about. With #WAG Network you will be surrounded by thriving women who want to share their story and be of service. #WAG elevates the stories and voices of Latinas. With #WAG YOU ARE SEEN! There is no doubt about it.
  2. Create and engage community Finding like-minded individuals can be a challenge but #WAG makes it one-step easier. With hundreds of members you can be sure you’ll find women you can connect and create. The possibilities are endless. With the Circles feature you can navigate through the variety of circles offered such as, “We All Grown Amigas in Europe,” “Mindset Mujeres” or “Personal Finance for Amigas,” to name a few. If you can’t find a circle you’re interested, you can always create your own. Through these circles there is a beautiful force to create dialogue, positive change, and conversation. Juntas podemos mas!
  3. Enjoy and apply the abundance of FREE resources offered Some of the resources offered are live events, workshops, masterclasses, IG Live interview with Latinas making positive change, community circles, and more! Are you interested in connecting with women in finance, content creators, mom’s, or entrepreneurs? If so, #WAG offers that and much more!

Full disclosure, I myself am a member of the We All Grow Latina Network. I recommend this platform because I’m part of a group of women who want to see each other succeed. It gives us women another amazing resource in our growth as chingonas in whatever industry we are involved.

Here is the link to join. IT’ S FREE—>

Photo Source: We All Grow Latina Network

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