Attending NABJ/NAHJ Virtual Convention and Career Fair

Today, Wednesday, August 5th kicked of the first day of the NABJ/NAHJ Convention and Career Fair. Once a year NABJ and NAHJ host their own individual convention. This year they have joined together to bring double the impact. About 3,400 people registered to attend. This marks the sixth highest-attended event in their convention history. Originally, the convention was going to be held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington D.C. The event has gone virtual but the excitement is nothing less but the same or more. Day 1, kicked off with information and action-driven workshops/session, amazing panel speakers, networking and opportunities to speak with recruiters.

There were about 39 workshops/sessions offered today. Topics ranged from, “Breaking into Business Journalism,” “Building an Online Presence,” “Getting into the Game of Covering Esports,” and “How to Pitch Your Book and Get Published.” Those are just a few of the many helpful workshops. Whether you’re a student, working journalist, communicator, working with data, public affairs, or analyst these workshops ranged in more than one platform or career path. Below are some highlights from the workshops I personally attended.

  1. ¿Quién tú eres? Tips and Resources for Building Your Digital Footprint | Hosted by Lucio Villa and Robert Hernandez |
  • Building a strong brand/presence can help build your credibility as a journalist.
  • SEO game should be as detailed as possible because there can be more than one person with your exact full name.
  • When you have published work from other media outlets or other types of freelancing gigs, make sure to save your work! Some companies may go down and shut down their website which may lead to your work disappearing.
  • Your website should showcase your best work.
  • Have the website do the work for you! (Quote from Lucio)

2. Break Into Business Journalism | Moderated by Edwin Lopez with panel speakers, Benét Wilson, Robert Barba, Dalvin Brown, Taylor Rogers, Sheryl Estrada, and Robert Torres |

  • If you can follow the money (of a story) you can break into any topic
  • Any topic/story can have a business angle
  • COVID-19 has redefined the way we do business – that in itself has many story angles
  • Lean into what makes you different
  • You can always pivot to and from business journalism

Overall, Day 1 has been a success. I enjoyed my time at the workshops, networking was a success, and spoke to recruiters. An eventful day for many journalists. The day ended with an opening ceremony sponsored by Walt Disney World Resort and music from DJ Andre! It was a virtual party in many living rooms. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or comment below. Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog. I appreciate you! Go follow my IG @alejandra.salgado.rtv

Published by AlejandraSalgado

Hello! My name is Alejandra Salgado and I previously interned at CNBC, a worldwide leader in business news. I have experience in the maritime industry relating to import and export tracking and pricing, vessel management and ocean freight shipping. I began to develop my journalism skills about two years ago. I enjoy storytelling and that is the purpose of my blog. To be able to tell stories whether that is through writing, video making, or audio interview. Follow my blog to feed your curiosity and to learn how to improve different areas of your life through the lens of storytelling. Follow me on Instagram @alejandra.salgado.rtv.

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