Young & Reckless Live Event 2019

*Not a recap of the event just my experience

Quick Summary: It was my first time attending the Young & Reckless Live event and it was an empowering day full of speakers. The event took place at La Candela in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 12, 2019. The speakers spoke with a passion to get you to get up and work on your goals.

Expectation vs Reality: I live in Orange County, so it was about forty five minutes to arrive and an hour or so to drive back home. Doors opened at 09:30AM (technically at 09:45AM ) and the event ended at 05:00PM. First, let me share my expectations and get them out of the way. I expected the event to have a special guest as advertised. All the speakers that were advertised were there – which is great, but no special guest. The event ended at about 04:40PM not at 05:00PM. I thought lunch was provided with the ticket purchase – not the case. There were food trucks outside, which was good!

OK, the above sounded like complaining but I’m not. I’m simply stating what I expected but did not receive. Now, let’s talk about the event experience!

My Experience: The event itself was long but full of motivational content. Every speaker shared their story and simply listening made you feel inspired. By sharing their story they were letting the audience know that if they were able to make it with worse circumstances, then you can do it! Some of the speakers, it was the first time I heard of them so it was nice to listen with a fresh perspective. I attended the event for two main people – Keven Stirdivant and Trevor Moawad. I was fan-giriling out!! I was so excited! When I spoke to them, I was speaking really fast because of how excited I was. I didn’t go up and take a picture or say hi to Drama because I felt shy – I guess? He had a long line of people wanting to meet him and I didn’t want to get up.. It was great experience, overall. I would only go again if I had someone to look forward to see, like in this specific case.

Pictures and Video from the event

Recommendations for next year:

  • Pack snacks
  • Make sure to eat breakfast
  • Pack a lunch or get ready to spend +$10 on food from a food truck
  • Take lots of pictures and videos
  • Don’t be a shy and go out there and network and meet the people that inspire you!
  • Have fun!

Have you attended any Young & Reckless Live events? Do you listen to Drama’s podcast, Short Story Long? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.

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