Vulnerability Time – Emotional Exhaustion

Late Post from June 13, 2019

I’m going through a time of my life where I’m feeling emotionally beaten. Emotionally beaten is a dramatic way of putting it, but I feel that is the way I’m feeling. I think there comes a point where trying to cover it up with positivity does not help. There comes a time when, “covering up,” needs to stop and let the feelings feel. A new term I learned is to, “sit with your feelings.” For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s to simply allow your feelings to be felt in you and allow yourself to feel. Be present with it and then move on in the best way for you.

I’m so focused on trying to be positive and looking at things on the bright side. Yes, it helps but we are human beings and emotions are part of life. I’m feeling resistance in a place I do not want to be at. I’m feeling shame for feeling a strong dislike towards certain individuals and I blame myself for not being able to, “keep it together.” It’s been a few days that I haven’t been focusing on working on my craft and it made me feel worse. I am now learning in order to be fulfilled I need to continue workings towards what brings me joy and can help others.

July 6th – It looks like I was going through emotional exhaustion. That is when, “you have exceeded your capacity for emotional stress. Many of us feel it, even when we’re not aware that we’ve exhausted our emotional reserves.” Emotional exhaustion is usually manifested both by physical symptoms and a sense of being psychologically and emotionally drained Donna M. White, LPCI, CACP says.”It is important to notice these signs of emotional exhaustion to avoid further interpersonal, work, school, or other problems. It is also important to notice these signs to prevent more physical or emotional dangers. ” she recommends mediation, mindfulness, saying no to overworking, asking for help and relaxation to help lesson the issue.

Have you felt emotionally exhausted? If so, how do you deal with it? Please comment below and let me know what your thoughts are. Thank you for reading.

Image Source – SAGE Publishing
context of things – cover page

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