ICE Out of Long Beach Rally at Harvey Milk Promenade Park

ICE Out of Long Beach Rally

A rally in Long Beach, CA at Harvey Milk Promenade Park took place in order to protest against the ICE regional office located in Long Beach. The rally was hosted by DSALB which is the Democratic Socialists of America, chapter in Long Beach. the current state of the conditions of the detention center in Texas, treatments of immigrants in the U.S.A. and the comments of the President has angered many people in Long Beach. People were at the rally to express their frustrations. People need to feel protected and with ICE in Long Beach people are feeling scared to simply leave their homes to go to work. The protest peacefully began at Harvey Milk Park, protesters marched to the Federal Building on ocean Blvd. and then back to the park. Organizers of the protest were LB chapter of DSA, Long Beach Immigration Rights Coalition, LB Interfaith Community Organization and Community Defense Network.

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