What I learned from Project Mindset by Keven Stirdivant aka Kevion

  1. Write it down – There is magic in writing down your goal. Write it down in regards to the 7 areas of your life that you can make specific goals on. The 7 are: mindset, health, spiritual, social, family, business, and money. It can be written down in the format of what goal(s) you’d like to accomplish in one, three or five years. Write what is true to you and not the opinion of someone else. You know yourself better than anyone else.
  2. Affirm it – Re-write your goal in the present form. For example, your goal is to lose weight, then instead of writing: “I will weigh this amount in the next 6 months,” you say, “I now weight x amount of pounds.”
  3. Build Your Dream Team – You are who you spend your time with. Even if it’s just one person. The people you surround yourself with are important. Surround yourself with people who want to empower you and help you achieve your goals. Hang with people who are adding value to your life and not draining the life out of you.
  4. PHUK HAU – Vietnamese proverb. When you sound it out, it sounds like, “Fuck how.” When you write down your goals, at times the thought of, “How?” creeps up and may kill your dream a little but you cannot let that happen. Don’t give power to the how you will get there. Just do it.
  5. Practice the following: Be. Do. Have. The three-step process of manifestation. Many go at their goals work backwards, have, do and be. “I gotta get this first and then I gotta get this and then I can be this.” No! you gotta live in the essence that you already made it, think of rappers. Rappers have a rep to act like they already made-it when beginning.
  6. The way to play the game is to play from future to present – This game plan is to help make an effective action plan. Think of the future of whatever it is, picture if i could have it any other way, what does it look like? Work your way from future to present.
  7. The three R’s – Recognize, Realize and Recreate. This is great to use when you are in a rut, depressed, stuck and not sure what next step to take. First you recognize how is it that you feel. Then, realize the real lie. Realize that you may be having limited believes, victim mentality or focusing on the negativity. Next, you recreate how you will execute your next step without the lie.
  8. You Get Out What You Put In – You will reap the benefits of the work you put in. It’s all about perspective. It doesn’t matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full, what matters is that your pouring it.
  9. Track your time- Know how you’re spending your time. Track your time on an hourly basis. Time is an asset.
  10. Keven’s Personal Motto – Show up, do my best, let God do the rest, and enjoy the process.
Cover from Project Mindset Podcast by Keven Stirdivant

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