My Experience being the host for LB Jammin Live!

LB Jammin Live!

March 10, 2018                                                                                             By: Alejandra Salgado

I had such a great time with the bands that performed for us today at LB Jammin Live. This was my first time being host for the show and I’m incredibly happy for the positive feedback I received. There is so much to learn and practice for next time but I did great for being my first time. I look forward to hosting again.

Our first band was The Fallen Stars. They are an Americana rock band who blend their country folk story telling with the backbone of rock and roll. As I listened to them live I could hear and see that they put a lot of meaning into their songs. The way the lyrics flow and Boboo and Tracy look at each other, is heartwarming. Both Boboo and Tracy are married. He has a portable recording studio where, for example, he can take to Ireland and record music there! Him and Matt will be going on tour to the UK soon and this isn’t their first tour to the other side of the country. Tracy specializes in the area of Senior Specialist and Performance. Matt recently joined the band and is  Long Beach local! Their next show is March 24th at Tony’s Original Deli and Bottle Shop in Anaheim, California.  To learn more about the band, their music, and upcoming tours go to

                                       The Fallen Stars; left to right, Boboo Byrnes, Tracy Burnes, myself and Matt Froehlich.

The Brahms’ Third Racket! I had a wonderful time with the band. They are a unique, cinematic, alternative rock band. They engage their audience with original video synced to their live performance. I had a great connection with Mary Ann, she is such nice person and down to earth. She served as another motive for me to not give up on trying to pursue my dreams. The boys were cool too but she’s the coolest! Matt Carol is a physician, board certified in oncology, hematology, and internal medicine. Mary Ann Pelino is a physician, board certified in OB-GYN. Dave Rodgers manages a law firm. Wishnefsky  (Warren Wallen) is a lawyer for a large public agency.  Check them out at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, California on April 7, 2018. Check them out at

                                   Brahms ThirdRacket; pictured left to right is Wishnefsky, David, Myself, Mary Ann and Matt.
Check out the live stream of Jammin Live at 

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